All of this information will be due dated when needed later in the year!!! Miss B - Sept 5, 2017

April 15th ~ Hiding Place Finale and study info!

Character chart'ish...

THEMES! (due Monday January 29th)

Theme 1 to be assessed before completing theme 2.

INDEPENDENT NOVEL STUDY!! Due December the 18th!! Or you'll have to do it over the break... :(
Here is your book list for an independent novel study from now until Christmas break The work to do with the book will come shortly.

NOVEMBER 8th, 2017
Mood Paragraph and collage
The idea behind this paragraph is to choose a mood for chapter 5 or 6 and prove that it actually exists using page references, quotes and your own paraphrasing. You must include 3 - 5 references, a definition of mood & your mood, and why you chose it. PROOFREAD!! The collage should match the mood you've chosen. USE THE RUBRIC.

Chapter 1 - 4 test study ideas:
There has been a lot of character development thus far, an important, but sometimes boring aspect of a novel... understand this and some of the characters (with proof) and you will do just fine.
  • Know at least 5 characters and a character trait for each! Be prepared to "explain/prove" the trait in a sentence or 2.
  • Understand the order of the chapters, perhaps why the author would do this...
  • Who was Mama talking about when she said her "happiness" line to Corrie? AND what is the lesson she is teaching? (page 33)
  • Have an example of Corrie and her Father's relationship; like a lesson he teaches her (chapter 1 on the train, chapter 3 about love)
  • Be able to provide a brief summary of the book so far (for some of you this can be oral) and/or a prediction of someone related to their character.
  • The document attached is a brief timeline of the ordering of chapters 1 - 4:

Chapter 3 Summary marking sheet (due Wed Oct 28th)
You all should have a hard copy of this as well! Use the top part as a check list and hand it in with the summary!

Chapter 8 Questions

Everything below is not relevant until the spring (2018)!!! I keep it here to save time later.... sorry for any confusion.

LIT KIT information and rubric (this is also in the folder you received):

Damon (and others if they want/lost these): Chapter 6 assignments