information for the character paragraph due Wednesday September, 13th, 2017

Character trait paragraph! Good times
Pre wrtiting ~ Dot & Jots:
  • a verse
  • a definition
  • your opinion (ex: I feel that honesty is the most important trait because... Or: Humility is not promoted in society...)
  • an example (at least one connection) a text-self, text-text, or text-world
  • how can you show your trait at BCA?

Don't worry about this assignment until later in the year!

Who is God assignment information ~

Example paragraph: Bible.png

2014/2015 School year:

HRE 13 ~ Course information:

TIMELINE Project! (Due Friday June 12th)

Elijah and Elisha ISU - Due June 5th!

Exam Review! (exam Friday June 12th)

Toledoth Assignment February 2015

To Be Presented the week of March 2nd

November 2014

6 Acts Bible Project ~ Due December 12th for a bonus (Dec. 15th ~ no bonus)

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Story Title
Bible Reference
external image g_bullet.gif**Creation - How the World Was Made**
Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:7
external image g_bullet.gif**Eden - The First Earth-Home**
Genesis 2:8 to Genesis 3:24
external image g_bullet.gif**Cain and Abel - The First Children**
Genesis 4
external image g_bullet.gif**Noah's Ark - And Why It Was Built**
Genesis 5:1 to Genesis 9:17
external image g_bullet.gif**The Tower of Babel - And Why It Was Never Finished**
Genesis 9:18 to Genesis 11:9
external image g_bullet.gif**Abraham - A Man Who Heard And Obeyed God's Call**
Genesis 11:27 to Genesis 12:20
external image g_bullet.gif**How Abraham Ended a Quarrel**
Genesis 13
external image g_bullet.gif**Lot's Choice, And How It Brought Trouble**
Genesis 14
external image g_bullet.gif**Hagar, Ishmael, And God's Promise To Abraham**
Genesis 15 to Genesis 17
external image g_bullet.gif**Abraham Gets Strange Visitors**
Genesis 18
external image g_bullet.gif**Sodom And Gomorrah, And What Happened to Them**
Genesis 19
external image g_bullet.gif**Ishmael - The Little Boy Who Became A Great Hunter**
Genesis 20 to Genesis 21:21
external image g_bullet.gif**How Abraham Gave Isaac Back to God**
Genesis 22:1-20
external image g_bullet.gif**How Abraham Found a Wife For Isaac**
Genesis 23:1 to Genesis 25:18
external image g_bullet.gif**The Story of Jacob**
Genesis 5:15 to Genesis 27:41
external image g_bullet.gif**The Ladder That Reached to Heaven**
Genesis 27:42 to Genesis 29:12
external image g_bullet.gif**Jacob And Rachel**
Genesis 29:1-30
external image g_bullet.gif**Jacob And Esau**
Genesis 32 to Genesis 33
external image g_bullet.gif**The Story of Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors**
Genesis 37
external image g_bullet.gif**Pharoah's Dream**
Genesis 39 to Genesis 41
external image g_bullet.gif**Joseph And His Brothers**
Genesis 42 to Genesis 45
external image g_bullet.gif**Moses In The Bulrushes**
Exodus 1 to Exodus 2:10
external image g_bullet.gif**The Israelites' Burdens**
Exodus 2:11 to Exodus 6:13
external image g_bullet.gif**Pharaoh's Overthrow**
Exodus 7 to Exodus 14
external image g_bullet.gif**Moses Smites the Rock**
Exodus 17:1-7
external image g_bullet.gif**Aaron's Golden Calf**
Exodus 32
external image g_bullet.gif**The Ten Commandments**
Exodus 19-35
external image g_bullet.gif**The Return of the Spies**
Numbers 13 to Numbers 14
external image g_bullet.gif**The Brazen Serpent**
Numbers 21:4-9
external image g_bullet.gif**Balaam and the Ass**
Numbers 22
external image g_bullet.gif**Joshua at Jericho**
Numbers 27, Deut. 34, Josh. 1-6
external image g_bullet.gif**The Story of Gideon**
Judges 6 to Judges 7
external image g_bullet.gif**Jephthah's Daughter**
Judges 10 to Judges 11
external image g_bullet.gif**Samson and the Lion**
Judges 13 to Judges 14:6
external image g_bullet.gif**Samson and the Gates of Gaza**
Judges 14 to Judges 16
external image g_bullet.gif**Naomi and Ruth**
Ruth 1 to Ruth 4
external image g_bullet.gif**Hannah Dedicates Samuel**
1st Samuel 1 to 1st Samuel 2:21
external image g_bullet.gif**Samuel's First Prophesy**
1st Samuel 3 to 1st Samuel 4:18
external image g_bullet.gif**David Is Anointed King**
1st Samuel 8 to 1st Samuel 16:13
external image g_bullet.gif**The Story of Saul**
1 Samuel 9 to 1 Samuel 10:25
external image g_bullet.gif**David and Goliath**
1st Samuel 17:1-54
external image g_bullet.gif**David Playing Before Saul**
1st Samuel 18 to 1 Samuel 19
external image g_bullet.gif**David and Jonathan**
1st Samuel 20 to 1st Samuel 26
external image g_bullet.gif**David is King**
2nd Samuel 1 to 2nd Samuel 18
external image g_bullet.gif**Solomon Crowned King**
1st Kings 2:1-11
external image g_bullet.gif**The Judgment of Solomon**
1st Kings 3:16-28
external image g_bullet.gif**The Queen of Sheba's Visit to Solomon**
1st Kings 10:1-13
external image g_bullet.gif**Elijah Fed by Ravens**
1st Kings 12:16 to 1st Kings 17
external image g_bullet.gif**Elijah Restores the Widow's Son**
1st Kings 17:17 to 1st Kings 18:40
external image g_bullet.gif**Elijah Taken to Heaven**
1st Kings 18:41 to 2nd Kings 2:14
external image g_bullet.gif**The Story of Elisha**
2nd Kings 2:15 to 2nd Kings 13
external image g_bullet.gif**Jehoash the Boy King**
2nd Kings 12 to 2nd Kings 14:16
external image g_bullet.gif**Jonah - The Prophet Who Tried To Run From God**
Jonah 1-4
external image g_bullet.gif**The Sad Ending of the Kingdom of Israel**
2 Kings 17
external image g_bullet.gif**The Good King Hezekiah**
2 Kings 18-20; 2 Chronicles 29-32
external image g_bullet.gif**King Josiah and the Story of a Forgotten Book**
2 Chronicles 34,35
external image g_bullet.gif**Jeremiah, The Weeping Prophet**
Jeremiah 1-52
external image g_bullet.gif**The People of Judah Live in a Strange Land**
2 Chron. 36:14-21
external image g_bullet.gif**Daniel and His Friends Stand Before a Great King**
Daniel 1
external image g_bullet.gif**Daniel in Babylon, and Nebuchadnezzar's Dream**
Daniel 2
external image g_bullet.gif**Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace**
Daniel 3
external image g_bullet.gif**God Humbles the Proud Heart of Nebuchadnezzar**
Daniel 4
external image g_bullet.gif**The Strange Handwriting on the Wall of the Palace**
Daniel 5
external image g_bullet.gif**Daniel in the Lions Den**
Daniel 6
external image g_bullet.gif**Daniel's Angel Visitor**
Daniel 8-12
external image g_bullet.gif**The Home-Coming of the Jews**
Ezra 1:1 to Ezra 3:7
external image g_bullet.gif**How the New Temple was Built in Jerusalem**
Ezra 3:7 to 6:22; Haggai 1,2
external image g_bullet.gif**Esther-The Beautiful Girl who Became a Queen**
Esther 1,2
external image g_bullet.gif**Haman's Plans to Destroy All the Jews**
Esther 3:1 to Esther 4:3
external image g_bullet.gif**How Queen Esther Save the Lives of Her People**
Esther 4:4 to Esther 10:3
external image g_bullet.gif**Ezra, the Good Man Who Taught God's Law**
Ezra 7:10; Nehemiah 8
external image g_bullet.gif**Nehemiah-The King's Cupbearer**
Nehemiah 1:1 to 2:18
external image g_bullet.gif**Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem**
Neh. 2:19 to 13:31; Malachi 1-4