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Class of 2018!! :)

Welcome to our grade 8 WIKI page! Daily homework and a pseudo weekly planner will be posted on this page. For subject specific assignments click on the subject page on the left. This page can be viewed by anyone, but only teachers are "members" and can edit pages.

Friday, March 9th

Reading - We are almost done Chapter 12 of Hiding Place (if you have been sick try to read chapter as we will finish the last couple of pages on Tuesday).

Writing - Speeches!! Research!!!

Bible -

Science -

Math: Math games

Art - Conceptual art is due Thursday!!

For the week of March 26th
LA - Speeches!!! Research.
Science - Mechanical Efficiency is the strand we're doing alongside Science Fair!!!

Bible - The Pentateuch! And chapel skits beginning.

Math: We will be finishing Chapter 10 on Angles and Triangles.


Art: Conceptual Art. This is art where the idea/concept takes precedent over the actual visual art (aesthetics etc)


Information regarding Grade 8 French will be posted on Google Classrooms. You will see what we are learning, as well as assignments, due dates, vocabulary lists, etc. Students are encouraged to check their classrooms often!


Not needed yet: (Sept 4th, 2017)
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